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We are team players with one goal in mind – pulling off your amazing event.

DKE Films captures a work of art and focuses on telling a story from your unforgettable day. Our creative vision allows us to deliver wedding films that are original, beautiful and a true reflection of your wedding day.
We are shooting event videos as cinematographers. Addressing to us you get everything immediately by one professional team. You need not to assemble different specialists from separate companies. You just come to us and we do the whole cycle of video production.

Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless DKE Films potential is to grow. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.

Slideshows, highlight video and feature movie. You get your video right by agreed terms. We have strict system of charges and really high sense of responsibility; that’s why our clients do not know what exceeded dead-line is.
Sound Recording Matters
Have you ever watched a movie with the sound turned off? Try it sometime, we bet you’ll find it kind of lackluster. With good acting and editing you may still pick up basic elements of the story despite not hearing the dialogue, but you’ll likely miss a lot of the emotion and nuance and feel disconnected from the story. We trying record sound as many resources as we can.
Aerial Cinematography Services
DKE Films cinematography services including aerial, handheld. Our experienced teams utilize cutting-edge radio controlled motion cinema technology to produce unique and cinematic digital content for your wedding.

About Us

We are three guys who have a passion to capture stories through our lenses. Our seemingly effortless connection and teamwork unifies an overall vision for each wedding. It is important to us that we meet your specific needs and you are equally inspired by the finished film.
It was time to take their hobby to the next level and go to the Collage of Digital Photography to study film and cinematography professionally. This was the time of intense learning, many hours of editing, re-editing, understanding storytelling, choosing the best shots, flow of video, audio, music and color correction.
DKE Films is a film production company who specializes mainly in wedding cinematography. We pride ourselves on the quality service offered to our clients with creative new ideas exceeding expectations each time.
The foundation of our success is quality, consistent high standards and good structure.
We listen to your request and translate it into your wedding video.
Every Film includes a 3-4 minute teaser and a 20 minutes highlight including the ceremony and speeches in full. Our packages are designed to walk with you through your day and capture moments to be cherished for all time.
Wedding days are probably the most important, exciting and biggest day of one’s life. There are so many different elements to it, many different aspects to take care of. There’s the stress of planning – making sure the entire day goes right whilst making sure the overwhelming excitement is kept in check.
For Brides it might be that perfect story that remains unspoken; the beautiful wedding dress and the endless tier of cake, the horse and carriage, the jaw-dropping venue, the elegance in the settings, the bridal train, and the list is enormous. And for the groom, it’s that one chance at a “Party of a Lifetime”, the opportunity to flex those dance moves, make a phenomenal wedding dance entrance worthy of social vialling but most of all looking forward to kissing his bride. Weddings mean different things to different couples but it is never short of one thing; LOVE.
Here at DKE Films we understand the intricacies of Wedding Films. We understand that not one ounce of this excitement must be missed out. So we work unobtrusively to capture, cinematically, a golden work of art you and your family would love to watch and watch over again for generations to come.

Film Packages


Start with our base wedding cinematography package and add-on the services that you need.

Cinema Package

Our base wedding cinematography package is a perfect all-around package providing you with 2 cinematographers for 10 hours capturing all the essential elements of your wedding professionally and creatively. We create a gorgeous cinematic short film telling your wedding story.
DKE Films Cinema Team

– 3X HD Cameras
– 2X Drones
– 10 hours of coverage
– Filmed in HD 1080p
– Cinematic Short Film

Our featured add-ons are tailored to give your wedding video a creative boost.


All our add-ons enhance your Wedding Cinematography experience.

Upgrade to a Feature Film

Upgrading to a Feature Film from a Short Film may be a great idea as it includes more content from your wedding day extending your Wedding Film to 8-12 memorable minutes. The Feature Film builds on the Short Film and digs deeper into your wedding day story including more footage especially from your ceremony and reception.

Do you like both film lengths? You can book both! This allows you to enjoy a short film that is shared online within 3 weeks and a film that is more complete and includes more from your wedding. 

Documentary Edit

Everything is important on your wedding day. we will edit your wedding ceremony and reception in its entirety. Cutting between all the camera angles and mixing the audio – creating professional and chronological videos of your Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception. That means you are able to have your full wedding ceremony and full wedding reception – from beginning to end. You can either order one (just the ceremony) or both edits (both the ceremony and reception).

Instagram/ Facebook Teaser
A Sneak Preview of your wedding. A 1 minute Instagram Teaser posted online 2 weeks after your event.
Pre-Wedding Video
A 3-4 minute cinematic video featuring you and your fiancé. Can be used as a Save the Date Video or an elegant and intimate representation of you as a couple. Includes 4 hours of filming at 1-2 locations.


How do we reserve our wedding date?
Send us an email with your wedding date, your information and the Wedding Cinematography Package options you are interested in. We will send you a proposal that you can accept and sign. A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to book DKE Films for your wedding day. The remaining balance is due 1 week prior to your event.
How are we different from other wedding videography companies?
First: The biggest difference between DKE Films and other wedding videography companies is that we are ALL IN. This means we don’t have a million add-ons that you can add to your package to make your wedding film more beautiful. We simply come with all our wedding cinematography tools to make sure we capture your wedding in the best possible and creative way. This means that we may use a drone or jib for establishing shots without requiring you to add it into your package. Second: We use and embrace audio! We LOVE when couples write their own vows, write love letters to each other, the officiant says something profound, or there are personal speeches at the wedding reception. We are able to use all the amazing audio from your wedding day to help craft your wedding film.
Third: Editing. The editing plays just as important part of your wedding film as the actual filming does. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to have the skills to shoot, white balance, and compose shots properly, but the ability to craft a story from your wedding day footage is a skill in and of itself.

When you hire cinematographer for your wedding day, you are hiring DKE Films to tell your wedding story and to do it in a way no one else can or even will. We carefully craft your wedding film using the perfect shots, the perfect narrative, and the perfect music track. In the end, we are humbled when we can create a film that brings tears to your eyes.

We don’t want a production made of our wedding. How are you able to capture all those beautiful moments?
We need to be honest with you. We are a little bit selfish regarding our motives for NOT making your wedding day a “production” either. We simply cannot afford for you or your guests to notice us. So relax. Wedding films, if chosen correctly, are the best investment you can make in your wedding. We don’t set up shots, and we don’t have cameras in anyone’s face. We certainly don’t conduct cheesy table interviews. We try to capture the “genuine” moments.
May I choose my own music for the video?
Yes and No. For both creative and legal reasons, we have full control over the music selection for your film. Not only do we have a better perspective on the ‘flow’ of your wedding day, we also utilize properly licensed music. Additionally, all the beautiful films you have seen on our website, we have personally selected the music. The newlyweds absolutely love our music selection. However, feel free to send us a few tracks. They will inspire us with our music selection.
Do I get to see ALL of the footage that you captured?
Not by default. The morning preparations, first look, garter/bouquet tosses, cake-cutting, and party dancing are filmed subjectively for creativity, not for entire coverage. The parts of the day that are filmed entirely are the ceremony, formal dances and any toasts. These, in their entirety, are included in the Documentary Edits (Documentary Edits are offered as an add-on to our base package).
How long does it take to receive my wedding film?
A cinematic short film is usually delivered to you 3-4 weeks after your wedding. A wedding feature film requires us to put in a lot more time to tell your wedding story perfectly. Depending on the season, we generally deliver a feature film 3-6 months after your wedding.

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